Search Tips


The search box, which is atop most pages, completes searches that result in individual Photos and Galleries that satisfy your search request. When on a search result page you will find the ability to search through either the Photo or Gallery results to find what you need.

Photos are individual image results, Galleries are results that give the source folder of a positive search request. There you can find related images to your search.

Most Recent

Searching this system will give you the most recent images uploaded first. These are not always the images most newly created since we are updating our database from images created over the last 5 years.

Search is made vastly more powerful and convenient for you by using keywords.


We have provided you an alphabetically sorted list of all our keywords. This can be accessed from the link Keywords that is at the top of every page. As you roll over those keywords you can see the number of times that keyword results as an image. Of course you can click on any Keyword and a visual result will be provided of that Keyword.

When you are on a gallery result, Keywords are accessible below your image in blue underlined link. There when you click through a "Virtual Gallery" will be presented. Should you then want to see any of these images in their "Original" gallery just follow the white text below and to the left of the image "See photo in original gallery" and you will be there.

Keywords help you find photos by topic more quickly. When a photo is tagged with a keyword like Research , you can quickly find all of our images with that tag. On our home page near the bottom of the page we have provided our current top 50 keywords. When a keyword is clicked you then have the ability to refine that keyword search by adding or removing other popular keyword that dynamically show in the selected set.

Special Characters

For simplicity and functionality we have groomed our data NOT to use any special characters. These included accent marks, primarily used in other languages. PC programming just does not like them.

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