What is the UB Photo Database?

The UB photo database contains more than 20,000 high-quality photographs of UB-related subjects. Search here for the most up-to-date, UB brand-appropriate images for your marketing and communications projects—all downloadable at no cost. To ensure that your search is productive, review the “Search Tips” before beginning

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions can be solved by visiting the rich help section in our photo host site “Smugmug” ( A few additional FAQs specific to UB’s Smugmug site have been answered below. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to Contact Us.

How can I order prints using a tax exemption?

Once you download an image, you can print it on your own printer. If you would ike a professional print, offers a process to order prints using a tax exemption. For detials visit:

How do I download photos?

Download images by clicking the link at the lower right of the large image. For best results, we recommend downloading the full resolution image. To download an entire gallery, click the black download arrow at the top right of any gallery and send it securely to an email address of your choice.

I am a UB student, staff or faculty member. May I use these images on my university website?

Yes! The images stored on this site reflect the best of UB. Faculty, staff, students and alumni of UB are encouraged to use them as positive portrayals of our campus community. UB reserves the right to deny or rescind usage privileges in any instances of fraud or misrepresentation. For images hosted by the University Archives, please contact University Archives before using or reproducing any archival images. All archival images contain contact information in their descriptions.

How do I use these images?

Guidelines for using photography can be found on our brand site

How do I cite an image from the database?

All citations should include the name of the photographer (which can be found in the image’s description) and ©2016 University at Buffalo. For example, a full citation for an image on the database with “Photographer: Douglas Levere” in its description would read “Photographer: Douglas Levere. Image ©2016 University at Buffalo.”

I recognize someone in one of the photos posted here, but they have not been identified. How do I ensure that they are tagged/named?

Send us a link to the online gallery and give us the names of those whom you wish to identify, including the frame numbers and a description of the photo. We will add their information to the description and tags. Use the Contact Us page to reach us.

I found an error on the site/I am having trouble navigating the site.

Send us a link to the page with a description of the error, and we will be happy to make any necessary changes. To get in touch, please use our Contact Us page. If you believe the error is an issue with Smugmug’s image hosting, go to the Smugmug help section. For issues with searches and/or site navigation, we recommend our Search Tips page.

What resolution should I use for my project? Are the images high-res enough to stand up to cropping and to use in large-scale projects?

We have many download resolutions available but the “Original” size is the highest quality and best for most print projects. Click on the “Down Arrow” at the lower right of the large image. This will download the “Original” full-size file. You can then crop and resize the image to fit your needs.

Can these images be used or sold by non-University at Buffalo entities?

Resale, redistribution or reuse of these photos by entities that are not part of the University is strictly prohibited. All images displayed in this database are ©2017 University at Buffalo. Special requests for photo usage by non-university parties can be made by contacting us here.

How can I download different resolutions of images?

Here are some simple steps for selecting different sizes of images to download:
1. Find the picture you want and click on the image (you will see a larger version of the image)
2. At the bottom of the larger image you will see some options:

3. If you click on the image size option (an icon with three rectangles) you can select various sizes:

4. From there, select a resolution. These categories are chosen by SmugMug; UB media users looking for web-ready images should choose “LowRes 2Mpix (3X)”

5. To download your image, right click and choose "Save As." Do NOT choose the download arrow beside the image; SmugMug resizes images in your browser so they can be downloaded from there.
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